Warming of the Globe…

Time to mix it up.  How about a post on global warming?  This is quite a popular topic currently and it looks like it is finally shifting in the correct direction, people are starting to believe in global warming.  I personally believe that the earth is warming and I also believe that humans have something to do with it.  Now there is evidence for and against this.  Both sides have valid arguments and both could be correct.  But the real issues lie in if we should do something about global warming even if it doesn’t exist.

Now you can see people every day that fight for or against doing something about it.  Now on the argument of global warming we really do not know if we are the cause of it.  The earth heats and cools for other reasons, axis wobble, the area we are located somewhere in our never ending galactic revolutions, etc.  Please do not post saying it is a scientific fact that we are the cause…period.  That is not the point of this post.  The point is should we change our actions toward global warming?  Here is another argument we should look at.

So we know that greenhouse gasses are bad.  If you were to inhale CO2 or NO2 you would um…..DIE.  Little extreme but if locked in a room with these gasses it wouldn’t take long for you to succumb to the all mighty.  So why do we think it would be OK to pump millions of tons of these gasses into our atmosphere. Shouldn’t we do something about pumping these dangerous gasses into the air we breath?  I do not believe we should worry so much about the fact that they are warming our earth as much as we should look at the fact that these gasses are poisonous to most animals on the planet earth.  If you were not suicidal would you start a car in your garage with the doors closed?  NO!  So why do we pump it into our atmosphere.

The argument stated above, I think, has a lot of merit.  Some may say the earth is to large for humans to ever pump enough poisons gasses into the atmosphere to cause harm to humans.  But I am not so sure that this argument really holds ground anymore.  Humans have finally become a force to throw off nature.  We have the power to terraform our world.  We can destroy worlds now.  But any species with the power to destroy has the same power in the opposite direction.  We have options now to use other non polluting gases.  We are very close to producing cars that only produce water, we have cars that run on air.  The ability to pump your car up with air and run a vehicle, wow.  Why may I ask, do we still feel it is necessary to dispose of millions to billions of tons of toxins into our atmosphere.  Who cares if it harms the environment….IT HARMS US.  Isn’t the whole point of human nature….really the point of any living organism self preservation?  Yes, yes it is.

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Religion and Aliens Part 2

So back to the religion and aliens discussion. Turns out that the first article I wrote on religion and aliens was quite popular so I thought I would elaborate and bring up a couple new ideas in this new post.

So like I said in the first post do aliens showing up on earth mean that god does not exist? First I tried to show why aliens showing up should effect our belief in god. There was definitely a large amount of people that didn’t believe aliens showing up would have any effect at all on our belief system. The truth that I didn’t bring up in that discussion is that based on what religious ideas are currently, aliens really should not affect religion at all. An alien showing up should have no effect on any religious body based on how their ideals work. But should it? That really is the undermining theme. Should other intelligent beings affect our beliefs?

It is quite hard to say. We have never met intelligent beings other than ourselves so this isn’t a question easily tackled.   We may never meet intelligent beings so what are we to do, just forget the question, blow it off as nonsence?  I hope not.  Now if we were able to meet intelligent beings would their ideas matter? I think the main point of the last article was to point us in the direction for listening to the other intelligent beings.  Currently saying that aliens showing up doesn’t matter in our religious beliefs is saying that we do not take into account their ideas.  Shouldn’t we?  I would say if other beings were able to make there way all the way to earth I think we should listen to what they have to say.  Even if it goes against what our religious establishments tell us to believe.

But do we?  No.  We the great people of earth have it figured out. Aliens could be sent from the devil to break our faith 🙂  Maybe aliens do not understand what we understand about god. What really makes humans the people that get to decide that. Devine knowledge? That seems a little bit circular in argument.

To be truthful there is not a direct correlation between god and aliens. Never has been and never will be. The interesting fact is that our entire religious belief system does not take into account outside presences. Meaning if aliens were to show up and spread there messages we would not have anyway of incorporating them into our religious belief system. People will say that we would have to spread the word of god to these visitors, but that is just nonsense. We do not spread an earthly belief system to another world organism. It is very, and I mean very far reaching to believe that we are the only ones with the knowledge of the almighty. Do people really think that Earth is the beginning and the end of all existence?

The only way we can justify our religion in the presence of other intelligent beings is to say that Earth is the be all, end all of the universe, and if I understand science well then I know that the universe does not revolve around the earth. The universe didn’t start with earth, earth is not any more important than the minuscule block of dust flying through the cosmos at an incredible speed. If human, earthly, science has taught us anything, it is that the universe is a place where anything and everything is possible and everything is equal created from the same source.

So even if that same source is an almighty being there is no evidence, no reason, and no way that Earth is where life originated, where life evolved, and where god made his simple super plan.


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