Time you are an evil devil.  Aren’t you?  Why do we as a society put so much value on the definition of time?  Why is time almost always in the center of everything we do?  Truth be told time doesn’t really exist does it.  We measure time in hours, days, years, decades, but what does this all mean?

Time as we understand it is all focused on earth’s rotation around the sun, moon, and stars.  We base one of the most important things in our society on how long it takes a celestial body to rotate a star.  That seems kind of far fetched.  So what is the connection between time and the rotation of stars in the sky?  Well there isn’t one.  Actually, the “time” it takes for the earth to rotate around the sun is always changing.  So we are actually basing a way of life on something that never stays the same.

Time does exist though.  If it didn’t life wouldn’t exist.  Everything would be in a state of suspension.  Still, time as we think of it really does not exist.  For example I can walk to the end of the street in 10 minutes, those minutes are units of measurement based off of…what?  Are these units of measurement constant?  I hope you didn’t answer yes.  These minutes may be timed out to be the same, yes 60 seconds but in the long run they mean absolutely nothing.  They have no basis.  We made it up.  Minutes, seconds, hours change based on how we as a people need them to.  Leap year for example.  We just add days, or erase hours to match what a star is doing.  But that star is totally random.  Our unit of measure for one of the most important things in our entire society is actually totally random.  Wow.

So what I would like to say is what would happen if we took all this value away from time, because it is something that is always changing.  Wouldn’t this make our lives more meaningful.  The area of space which we take up from one point to another point is not always constant.  Lets not focus on it.  Death, aging, these things are actually a random part of our lives.  Parts that can actually be manipulated and changed.  Aging is not based on time.  It has nothing to do with time.  It is a natural thing that happens when cells do work.  If we are able to change the way our cells work, lets say, fix them so they do not break down while they do their work.  Then why would we measure age?

You see we are not infinite beings.  The reason focus is placed on time is the fact that we are all finite.  It is a philosophy that most of us live our lives by.  It is a way of life many of us our pushed into.  Think just for a minute what life would be like without the “TIME” thing hanging over your head.  The stress would just fade away.  It is a way of life that some people still follow today.  Not hunkered down by time.  A come and go lifestyle, definitely a different way to look at life.  The reason I bring this up is the fact that we are only on earth for a finite period.  Even though we always have this thrown in our face we still don’t live our lives to the fullest.  People who don’t obsess over this fact seem to live a more relaxed, fruitful life.  Interesting, maybe they know something we don’t.


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