Quick Religious Thought before Christmas

I thought I would post a little somethin somethin before the Christmas holiday. Religion can, a large amount of the time, be mis-understood. We are living in a world where if someone puts a Christmas nativity scene near a public building we have public outcry. Half the people are for the nativity scene and half are against it. It doesn’t seem like there is a solution to this.

Well, let’s try to remember that Christmas is one cultures holiday. I personally do not care either way if there is a scene or not. Does the public building putting up a nativity set mean that they only support one religious belief? NO of course not. The argument always comes back to the division of church and state. What is often missed is the fact that the division of church and state really isn’t relevant here. A Christmas decoration is in no way interfering with the way our public buildings or officials are working.

I am sure if someone asks to display for a Menorah to celebrate Hanukkah they would not be denied. The reason you see Christmas decorations more than others religions is because that is what the majority celebrates. I hope we can remember that this is the time of the year for certain religious groups to celebrate. We live in a free society and we should not impede on other peoples freedom. I do not see how a nativity scene is impeding on my freedom.

Both sides of this argument have very valid points and I am sure some of you would like to voice your opinions. You see where I stand lets see where you stand. Leave your opinion.

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