Will Post for Food

Quite a while since I have posted anything to the site.  Could say I lost some of the interest I had when I first starting posting.  The truth is I have written a couple drafts from time to time but they really just turned into ramblings.  An evil side effect of having to work a full time job I guess.

I have decided to post a couple more things and see how it goes, when I started posting I wanted to post ideas or thoughts on a regular schedule but found that it just wasn’t going to work like that.  Didn’t want to turn this site into a chore.  Having to write something when I had nothing to write about.  So forgive me for the lack of foundation and organization but for those of us that like reading peoples random thoughts and takes on the world please enjoy the next couple posts.  And sorry for the delay…


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Hollow Earth Philosophy: Status

Sorry for the last long hiatus but it has been quite busy lately. I have a special post that I am writing that should get posted WED. about Freedoms in America. Hopefully it makes up for the long wait. This is a subject I am very passionate about and hope it starts some discussion.

Also thanks again for reading and posting on the site I appreciate the feedback and comments I have been getting since I started the blog last year.


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New Page: Question of the Month

I would like to add a new page to the site. Question of the Month. Once a month I will post a deep thought question, just something to think about. It should draw some very interesting answers and comments.

At first look some of the questions may look really stupid and easy to answer, but what I want is people to think quite deeply about them before any answers are given. When you think through the question the answer should become somewhat harder to answer. There are no right or wrong answers – that is the point of the question.

I will post the question on the first of the month on the front page but you will need to comment on the question of the month page. The first question is this: If aliens were to show up on earth tomorrow would that mean god does not exist? Take into account that the aliens have no perception of a so called “god.”

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New Author on H.E.P

I am taking the opportunity to introduce a new contributor to the H.E.P. Titojaxn is a friend of mine that enjoys talking philosophy with me. He likes to do this mostly at the bar when I am trying to enjoy myself, but some of his points are very interesting. Not only the, what some like to call “drunk logic” but on things like religion.

He is not a student of the discipline but has some interesting points to make. I think he will be a great addition to the blog and will write some interesting articles. Please help me welcome the newest contributor to H.E.P……TITOJAXN


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