New Author on H.E.P

I am taking the opportunity to introduce a new contributor to the H.E.P. Titojaxn is a friend of mine that enjoys talking philosophy with me. He likes to do this mostly at the bar when I am trying to enjoy myself, but some of his points are very interesting. Not only the, what some like to call “drunk logic” but on things like religion.

He is not a student of the discipline but has some interesting points to make. I think he will be a great addition to the blog and will write some interesting articles. Please help me welcome the newest contributor to H.E.P……TITOJAXN


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H.E.P. Thanks to WordPress

While in college I came across an interesting major called philosophy. As soon as I found it I needed to declare it a major, though this major can sometimes be mis-understood. Recently graduated and now with time on my hands I hope to post a little philosophy knowledge here on Hollow Earth Philosophy.

Starting out I will be focusing most of the posts on Religion and the Philosophy of Science. Both of these can be very interesting areas of philosophy. I came up with the name of this blog from something I studied as an undergrad in a philosophy of science class, the hollow earth theory. This is the theory that the earth is hollow and all kinds of things can be inside, from the lost city of Atlantis all the way to 8 similar earths locked inside. Weird and yet slightly intriguing.

Hopefully starting soon we can get this ball rolling on H.E.P. Please leave comments and don’t be afraid to add some philosophical arguments yourself, that is the point of philosophy. Also if you are a philosophy student or just someone interested in the major and would like to contribute to H.E.P. let me know and I will add you.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

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