Ron Paul and America

Being that this is a philosophy blog I do not want to stray to far from the point. But that doesn’t mean politics cannot be part of philosophy.

I wanted to put a small page together for my personal endorsement of Ron Paul. This is in no way trying to tell you who to vote for. My intention here it to make sure that anyone who is going to vote in the next, and in my opinion, most important election in our entire history knows who they are voting for and what their candidate is standing for. From a philosophic standpoint it is very important that you build arguments for or against candidates. To do this is the only way you will make the right decision for yourself.  This is one of the greatest things that philosophy teaches you, creating and fortifying your arguments.

When building my arguments I decided to go with Ron Paul.   I in no way support every stand that he does, but I do endorse most of them. We are in a time of enormous turmoil with the war, the failing dollar, and government taking over every aspect of our lives. Looking at the other candidates I could not find one that supported what I did nearly as much as what Ron supports.

We the people have the power not the government. It is important that we remember this as the election season draws ever nearer. Make your arguments for your candidate and make your decision. This is the only way we will take back power from government and give it back to the people. A movie that has an astounding amount of philosophy in it is V for Vendetta. One quote that comes to mind is “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” (V)

This is said for one important reason, no matter how much our government grows we the people will always have the power. Police states fail when the people finally wake up.  I think Ron Paul has started showing that we are moving ever closer to our founding fathers biggest fear; the loss of our freedom and a police state. Some day in the near future it may be illegal to write a blog like this that criticizes our government for fear of prison or even death. That would be a sad day in our history and I would hate to be a part of it.

I ask that in the new year we wake up and seriously take a look at the path we are going down.  Please research your candidates before you vote, and please vote, for the future of our country.  If we do not we may go down the path and not find a light at the end of the tunnel.


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