Society is Alone

Loneliness must be one of the worst emotions a man can feel. The feeling of having nothing, having no one, it really can dig into someone. To wonder where this emotion comes from is something I have been thinking about more and more. Working more than half our lives away, just to make a living, how do people find the time for themselves? Find the time to find someone, and to give that person everything he/she deserves. It seems to get harder and harder the more “advanced” we get as a people. Hence loneliness sets in on people. So with this I want to talk a little about society related to “loving partnerships” and why loneliness is something that is felt today but will be felt tenfold in the future if we keep down the path we are on.

Society in general tells us that we must be coupled with someone, but doesn’t give us the time we need to nurture those relationships correctly. Society then reacts to this foreseen consequence by making the divorce socially correct. Over the last 30 years the divorce went from something that was shunned from society to something that we deal with on a daily bases. The average time span for an American couple lasting is at the lowest it has been in the countries entire history. This is something that is not seen just in America but in most industrialized countries. Is it the freedom of choice now that we choose more than one “permanent” partner?

Of course this is not the reason but if we look deep into our society the reason that divorce has moved into the mainstream is because the time is not there, the time to spend building a true permanent relationship. Some say that humans were not built to be monogamous creatures but this is something that has been overstated and for the wrong reasons. For all the science stating that humans are not meant to be monogamous something quite important is missing. The human brain. We are self aware creatures who think very logically and who have the ability to do whatever they set their minds to. We choose to build relationships with people; this is something we have moved to from thousands of years of evolution. We no longer are driven totally by instincts, and with this gift we have choice. The real underling reason for issues points back to society. So when we build a relationship that will not last we then feel an emotion that no one ever wants to feel…loneliness.

Humans in general are social beings but with that our social behavior is shaped by other social beings. So society plays a huge part pointing us in certain directions, even partnering up. In general social beings will pair up, but will not always stay partnered up. Humans though, being aware, make long term, strong, partnerships and bonds, and in our current environment this is a very good thing. It is much easier to get through issues with someone rather than alone. Something that society is, again, familiar with and has pushed partnering up as the general solution to problems. Something is wrong with a person if he/she does not get married. Society has been putting more and more emphasis on this practice. In the mean time society has also been taking personal time away from these people so that they can do more work, ask fewer questions, and become “droned”. The side affect of all of this is that we as humans can no longer make strong bonds with other humans. No longer can true partnerships be made so partnerships break up and people start to feel lonely.

When humans make poor partnerships, or partnerships that will not last, the human is apt to make mistakes in future partnerships or will choose not to make new partnerships in the future. When a person does not make new partnerships loneliness will slip into that person’s life. With the emotion loneliness comes other emotions as well. The emotions of depression and self hatred can follow loneliness. These emotions can have terrible side effects on the person feeling them. The worst of these are suicidal thoughts for the extremely depressed person. When a person acts on suicidal thoughts they push the proverbial game over button. Studies have shown that when depression sets in based off of loneliness suicidal thoughts skyrocket. And a society of depressed, lonely people cannot be good for our future. Along with the emotional problems that loneliness can cause, children born into bad partnerships are apt to have just as many emotional problems as the partnership they come from. Those children, if they get out of the partnership unscathed, are likely to make poor partnerships in their own lives and the cycle continues. Only second generation issues tend to be worse than the first generations. This can point us in the direction that after many generations of poor decision making and societal pushes toward bad relationship practices we may come to a point when the human race no longer makes partnerships. Losing some of the best and worst of the “Human” way. Society pushes partnering and then breaks the partnership, only to push another partnership. To compare this to metal if a piece of metal is bent back and forth over and over sooner or later that metal will finally fall apart the same can be said about our society.

Humans cannot get as close to other humans and loneliness begins to set in. Even humans in partnerships based on “less free” time feel this loneliness because they cannot bond with their partners correctly. So our current way of life can only point us to being a “lonely” society, among other things. Unless society changes its way and gives people a better quality of life, being that it gives people more social time to make the correct partnerships, we will be a very lonely society, or possibly a society of broken people.


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Freedom and America

How do we rate freedom in America? Is it what we can say, what we can do? And how do we know when our freedom is gone? Does that even mater? What if what we say doesn’t matter, then do we still have freedom? If no one listens is it freedom? Freedom is an interesting thing.

Today we are living in something unreal. The gray area between freedom and the illusion of freedom. When our country was started it was started on the idea of freedom and until recently we have gotten pretty close to a clear and accepted idea of freedom. But what is this idea? The idea of freedom is an idea that people should be free to do as they please as long as it is not hurting other persons and in some way contributes to a growth of some sort of a society. That is about as close as I can sum up the idea of freedom, in words. Though my idea of freedom may be different from the next persons but we should somewhat agree on the vague idea.

So why do I say we are living in the gray area? It is tough to sum up in words but things are changing, as they always do, but they are changing in a way that seems wrong to many Americans. The United States of America has been living in an era of great prosperity and growth of people from small homesteaders to a world power. With this prosperity people have been slowly wained off of freedom and given material things to make up for the lose in freedom. Many people today blame this on George W. Bush, now it is not GW that started this downward spiral. It really cannot be pointed at anyone other than ourselves. We let this happen to ourselves. What GW has done is try to accelerate the progression of absolute government a little faster so more and more Americans are finally waking up to the paradigm shift.

It used to be legal to do any drug you wanted. It used to be legal to do what you wanted to do on your property without getting permission from every organization on the planet. Heck you could smoke on an airplane. That means you could bring lighters and matches on an airplane and no one would bat an eye. I use these examples because they are more recent events that have taken place. Today we have a thing called a patriot act. The reason it is called this is to fake Americans into believing that if they do not agree with what is in this act they are not patriotic. What is patriotism anyway?

Since we have been born we have had patriotism pounded into our heads as a good thing. Believing that our country is the only country blessed by god and we must love America. Sounds like a little brain washing to me. Just to put patriotism in context it started two world wars and has spread war and genocide across countries for thousands of years. How patriotic do you want to be? There is nothing wrong in believing your country is great, but there is a fine line that should never be crossed.

So the patriot act. Among other things it takes away rights given to us in the constitution. THE CONSTITUTION THAT OUR COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON. It takes away our constitutional right to a trial, it allows wire taps without a court order. THE BIG PICTURE….it allows authority to pick a person out of a crowd, slap a label on them and put them away forever! WITH NO EVIDENCE JUST HEAR-SAY. That doesn’t sound like American freedom to me.

I cannot get on an airplane without pretty much stripping down and giving away all my rights to privacy just to travel. I cannot cross the border…a fake line made up by a patriotic country without a passport that has all of my personal information locked into it. This is so government can track everywhere I go. The next thing just around the corner is the REAL ID act. DO you know what this is? The REAL ID act plans to give everyone an ID with microchips in it to track everything we do, everything we buy, everywhere we go. A tracking system for every American person. Is that freedom?

The problem is that Americans have been so dumbed down by material possessions and money, money, money that we have lost track of what really matters. REAL FREEDOM. Our government tricks us by telling us we will be safer if we give just a couple “unnecessary freedoms” up. Give up your right to privacy, allow us to tap your phones and then we will be able to find out if you are a terrorist. How many quotes are there saying it is never correct to give up a few rights to feel safer. Were is the limit? How much should we give up for safety? How much is too much? None. Absolutely, positively, none. NONE. We should never be expected to give up any constitutional right. All the power should sit with the people of a country not with a select few. Never forget this. As soon as we do we lose that power, the most important power we will ever have. We the people, we the people have the power, we have the power to change and we will until we pass it away. And how close we are to giving this power away.

Americans, when will we learn. Look into history. Societies that gave up freedom for safety destroyed themselves. Look at Germany, Germans gave up right after right to feel safer until they had none left. This could happen again. I should not lose my right to travel in an airplane with a bottle of booze, a full size tube of toothpaste, and a scissors because some F-upped people blew up planes. I will not be tracked to feel safer. I will not give up my rights. It is about time others open there eyes to what we are losing and figure out what they need to do. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS just to feel safer. They are yours under the constitution of the United States of America. They do not change. You inherited them when you became a citizen. They are not god given rights, they are rights inherited from your country and they cannot and will not change, because when that happens it is no longer your country. It is something totally and unmistakenly different.

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